The Courtyard Giving Charities Something to Smile About

Posted on 26th February 2018 by Marcos White

Life in a dental practice can be very rewarding work, especially when you’re able to see the effect it can have on patients and their smile. Whether its drastic changes, some minor adjustments which make a massive difference or even …

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Interview with The Courtyard Owner Marcos White

Posted on 5th January 2018 by Marcos White

“If a customer isn’t happy then always offer to fix the issue at no cost to them.” – Marcos White, practice owner and lead cosmetic dentist at The Courtyard. With 2018 firmly underway, it feels like business is back to …

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Five Ways to Get Your Perfect Smile for 2018

Posted on 28th December 2017 by Marcos White

The new year is a perfect opportunity to make a resolution to finally achieve your goals. It could be to read more, not to stress as easily, or even finally join the gym. Self-improvement and self-confidence are common themes – …

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The Benefits of Using a Private Dentist for Check-ups

Posted on 20th November 2017 by Marcos White

When you’re able to choose between staying with your existing NHS dental practice, or moving to a private dental practice – it can be difficult to decide whether to make the move. Having made the transition from a NHS practice …

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How Attitudes to Teeth are Changing

Posted on 26th October 2017 by Marcos White

With cosmetic dentistry becoming more accessible and affordable to the general public, it’s changing how people think about teeth treatments. Attitudes to teeth whitening, for example, have changed massively – no longer do people associate it with going ridiculously white …

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Same Day Teeth: What you Need to Know

Posted on 29th August 2017 by Marcos White

Technology makes everything quicker – and the same can be said for dentistry. Procedures that used to be difficult are now easier than ever before, thanks to new and innovative equipment. Patients can now see a visual representation of what …

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A perfect smile for the perfect day with Invisalign

Posted on 17th July 2017 by Marcos White

Your wedding day is something you want to remember forever; the dress has to be right, the decorations spot on, and you want to feel confident in yourself when all eyes are on you. One of the most popular treatments …

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Four Ways to Put an End to Dental Phobia

Posted on 15th June 2017 by Marcos White

Fear of the dentist is real, and pretty common – almost half of UK adults have odontophobia. Most of the time, having dental treatment isn’t painful, but even just being examined can cause panic for some. Why do people have …

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