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Toothache: Understanding the Root of the Problem

Posted on 14th October 2014 by admin

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Toothache can be a troublesome thing, and it is an affliction that all of us can suffer from. Despite how common the issue might be, few people know what causes it, how to prevent it, or even how it can be cured.

So, here are a few myths, legends and plain facts to help if you decide on the best cause of action from toothache.

Myth 1 – Sugar is the prime cause of cavities

Although this is almost true, acid produced by bacteria in your mouth is actually the primary cause of cavities. Interestingly, the production of acid is triggered in the bacteria when carbohydrates are consumed.

Unfortunately, once that acid eats into a tooth, it becomes exposed to bacteria, and this is where the problems really begin, as if it is left untreated, the issue will only get worse.

Fact 1 – Decaying will stop once a tooth is treated.

Although you may get decay in other areas of the same tooth, once the decay is treated, it is gone, as once a cavity is filled, you do not usually get decay in the same place again.

Additionally, it is important to remember that tooth decay can happen anywhere on a tooth, even more so around gaps between two teeth, where it is harder to clean.

Myth 2 – A toothache can be cured by painkillers

Unfortunately toothache cannot be cured by painkillers, as although taking some form of painkiller can temporarily ease pain, it is not a permanent solution to the issue.

The same can be said for antibiotics. If you have continuing toothache, it is important that you see a dentist as soon as possible, as the problem will still be there and will only get worse once the painkiller has worn off.

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Fact 2 – Clenching your teeth could lead to cavities

Incidentally, clenching and grinding your teeth can be one of the most destructive things that you can do to them.

Although normal chewing causes some teeth to touch, by clenching, you are applying tremendous pressure to your teeth, and this can eventually lead to cracks and fractures; causing tooth decay to develop at a much faster rate.

Myth 3 – Tooth sensitivity means that you have tooth decay

The good news is that if you are experiencing sensitivity, this does not mean that you are suffering from tooth decay, you could just have hypersensitive teeth.

If the situation is a tad more serious however, you could also have gum recession or have a cracked or broken tooth – all of which need treatment from a dentist.

Fact 3 – Not all tooth aches are caused by cavities

Although it is true that many toothaches are caused by cavities, this is not always the case. A number of temporary issues can be the cause of an ache.

This does not mean that they should be ignored however, as already stated, the longer you put up with the pain, the worse the problem may become.

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