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  • What if buying your smile could be as simple as buying a car?

  • What if you could be given information and support to help you choose how to get the smile you've always wanted?

  • What if we could offer comfortable finance options as standard for all our dental treatments?

  • What if we could promise that all of our dental treatments were available for under £299 a month?*

*terms and conditions apply.

Patient Review

"I've always been 'good' about going to the dentist since being a post-war child and having loads of those horrible mercury fillings inserted in practically every tooth in my jaw.

Over the years there has been a catalogue of dental disasters which, being a 'good' patient, I just took for granted as inevitable.

From the moment I stepped through that Courtyard door, I have been involved as a partner in decisions on my own dental treatment. I've now got lovely veneers, implants and straightened teeth and those ugly grey fillings have gone. I love my teeth - best thing I ever spent money on.

Thank you to everyone at the Courtyard - looking forward to my next check-up!"

Victoria Minton Leeds


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