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Word of Mouth

The January effect

Posted on 19th January 2015 by admin

For a number of years we have noticed an increased level of enquiries in January.

We call this the January effect. It is the same reason that people start new diets or join a gym in January.

There is something special about January that gives people a little added impetus to do one of those things that will benefit them in the long term but has evaded their will power for an even longer period of time.

We see an increase in patients requesting whitening. That simplest of cosmetic treatments that is pain free but adds a pep to your step when you crack a smile.

We see an increase in patients wanted to join a practice for regular care. More often than not they have let their dental care slide and have often not been to a dentist for 5, 10 or even 15 years!

Interestingly these patients feel embarrassed at having left it so long and also that they are ‘alone’ in their predicament.

Of course they are not, in fact what is nice about our view of things is that we have seen this scenario a hundred times whereupon these patients go on to develop a level of trust with me and my staff such that they become incredibly regular and loyal patients who would never entertain the idea of missing an appointment or going to another practice.

We see patients for Invisalign treatments. We must have received 20 enquiries for Invisalign in the first 2 weeks of January. These patients are excited about the possibility of commencing a treatment that will improve their appearance and have a long lasting effect on their self confidence. They’ve made the decision to make an improvement to their appearance that will change the rest of their life – and January helped them do it!

Whether it be implants, veneers or the examples I’ve given above what is interesting is that something as simple as a month of the year can be the little push patients need to make a permanent improvement to their life.

And remember if your January effect happens to occur in a different month this year, make sure you act on it too and give us a call or e mail!