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The Courtyard Patient Success with Invisalign and Implant Case

Posted on 3rd February 2016 by admin

Every patient journey is unique

Just as we are all different it is imperative to ensure the right processes and treatments are provided for the specific journey that you are on. This blog article highlights this point, let’s explore this particular case.

Coming to us in 2012, this patient described having a history of orthodontic treatment involving extractions which left her bite feeling cramped and her upper jaw unsupported. After suffering jaw pain and clicking, she became concerned and came to see Marcos for a consultation giving us the opportunity to provide her with further advice about her situation.

The patient enquired into the possibility of reversing these previous extractions and replacing these teeth with implants. Though Marcos explained that this was a practice that was theoretically possible it was not widely done and the implants would not cure her clenching or grinding habit.

Marcos explained that in dentistry there is much overlap between her symptoms of clenching and grinding, jaw problems and the pain but it had never been proven that one caused another.

This was a complex case and as such we created a combined treatment plan containing 2 parts.

Firstly, Invisalign orthodontic aligners would be used in order to open up the extraction spaces in order to insert 2 implants at a later date. The Invisalign aligners were fitted in November 2012 and by June 2014 there was enough space created to place two 3.0mm x 10.5mm BioHorizons tapered internal implants which was the second part of this treatment.

During the integration of her implants, the patient continued with the Invisalign treatment. While previously extracted premolars where finally restored in November 2015 with two screw retained max implant crowns, designed and created in house at our practice using the latest in digital dental technology.

Her transformation is now complete to deliver the smile our patient wanted and to alleviate the pain endured. You can see the finished treatment and our patient’s new smile below.

Patient Teeth Before Treatment       Patient Before Teeth Treatment

Before Treatment

Patient After Treatment Teeth     Patient After Teeth Treatment

After Invisalign and Implant Treatment