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Word of Mouth

Creative ‘patient joy’ at The Courtyard Dental Practice in Huddersfield

Posted on 5th October 2015 by admin

We’re always delighted to receive feedback from our patients. The Courtyard is about you and your journey. We received this creative testimonial from a very happy patient this week:

“Just to let you know I am delighted with my new teeth . My tongue is pleased to have new neighbours even though it cannot enjoy the extra space any more. The teeth above, however, are horrified…..they have not endured this sort of pressure for donkeys years, and are making their displeasure felt!! They will just have to get used to it and behave.

At present I feel like half a golden hamster (couldn’t find any grey haired ones) as every time I eat I store some of the food in my brand new cheek pouch, all ready for a snack later…….what a surprise!!!

Thank you again for my lovely new teeth!”

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