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Implants Patients Reviews

Posted on 12th June 2014 by admin

A selection of happy patient’s reviews on our Implants treatment.

“Dear Marcos and the Team,

What can I say but “Thanks”. I was referred to you by a friend following a broken tooth, and I found the experience to be very painless and “strangely” therapeutic.

One dental implant, four white fillings, two extractions and zoom whitening all within the space of six months is quite a lot.

Marcos has taken great care of me with a truly personal approach.

Kirsty, a big thank you for replacing my four amalgam fillings with white ones. This means I can now smile with confidence which I have not done for a long time.

Once again, Marcos, Kirsty and all the team a BIG thank you.”

Stephen Roberts.


“My implant treatment has gone very well. Being a nervous patient everyone has made me feel really at ease.

Treatment is now complete, good results, my new dental implant looks very natural. I am really pleased.”

Elaine, 69, Huddersfield.


“Having my dental implant placed was a very painless procedure, I would even go on to say pleasant compared to some treatments and the result is excellent. The new bridge looks natural and feels totally secure.

Thank you very much.”

Sharon Seymour, 54, Huddersfield.


“I initially felt some slight trepidation before the implant placement, as I was not sure what would be involved.

I have literally just had my dental implant placed and I found the procedure to be very organised and straight forward, the worst part was the amoxicillin drink before hand….yuck!”

Paul Painter, 61, Stockport.


‘To Marcos and all the team,

Having suffered at the often brutal hands of a number of relatively unprofessional dentists for over 60 years, the few functional teeth I had were in a very poor state. I was unable to chew properly and was reluctant to smile.

Then I was introduced to The Courtyard Dental Practice.

After a thorough in depth appraisal, a number of alternative procedures were carefully explained to me in detail, in words I could understand. I was very impressed by everyones professionalism.

This was to be a very major restructuring of my dental equipment involving five new implanted teeth, most of those remaining to be crowned, one extraction and some old blackened amalgam fillings replaced with white.

The complete treatment took several months and was not inexpensive but now that it’s complete I feel I have got my life back. I can not only cope with a good steak again but can smile without embarrassment and people tell me I look ten years younger. I am eternally grateful to Marcos and his excellent team all of whom deserve the professions accolades they have been awarded.

Thank you Courtyard.’

Peter  Fisher., 61, Huddersfield.

“When Marcos first discussed the possibility of me having dental implants my initial thought was it was going to be painful and expensive. Once I’d saved the money for my treatment I couldn’t wait to start it!

I felt no discomfort whilst having the implants placed and Marcos and his team were wonderful and put me at ease.

I cannot wait for the final result!


Carol, 58, Huddersfield.


“I am extremely pleased with the end result of my implant. Everyone has been very kind and friendly and I would like to thank you all for making my visits to the practice a pleasure.

I have already referred my daughter to the practice for dental implant treatment and for her family to join the practice as a result of how pleased I was with the care I received.”

Barbara, 65, Elland.


“I recently had an implant placed to replace a broken tooth. I found the treatment a lot less painful than I expected. The removal of the tooth and the placement of the implant happened on the same day and the procedure took under 30 minutes with no need for stitches. I would recommend dental implant treatment at The Courtyard to anyone.

Many thanks, Andrew.”

Andrew Cooper, 56, Cleackheaton.


“I always avoided having pictures taken and would normally be the person taking them to avoid smiling.

But then I came to the courtyard dentist. I wanted to have a natural, non missing tooth smile.

And gain my confidence back. The staff always made me comfortable, and really took the time to understand how much it all meant to me.

The work they have done is pure magic. My confidence is back and I feel great to be able to smile with confidence and not have to worry about a single bad picture again.

Endless thanks.”

Johnathan Leonard, 29, Huddersfield.

“I have just finished having my dental implant treatment done at The Courtyard Dental Practice in Huddersfield. The work done looks beautiful. I feel my implant treatment was fantastic from start to finish.

Marcos and his team have been great and the service is excellent.

I am very happy with my implant, I would definitely recommend people to come to The Courtyard Dental to have treatment done.

I am over the moon with my treatment.”

Ikram Abushaira, 24, Meltham.





“Fantastic treatment. I am very impressed with my dental implant, the new tooth looks totally natural.

Everyone is great at the practice, an overall great team and very happy with the work I have had done.”


“I have been a patient at the practice for a great number of years and have always been entirely satisfied with all the treatment I have had at The Courtyard Dental Practice.

This applies particularly to the dental implant I have recently acquired. From explaining my options through to reassuring me of the treatment itself I always felt I was in the best of hands. ”

Sidney Taylor, 90, Huddersfield.


“I really enjoy visiting The Courtyard as the staff are really friendly, warm and welcoming and not in a forced way either. It’s nice to be pampered by some lovely young ladies.”

Ian Rodgers, 41, Oldham.


“Great service, the implant procedure was surprisingly not painful, teeth look great now.”

Joe Formisano, 39, Holmfirth.

“I am exceptionally pleased with all my treatment here. The end results are well worth the wait”

Geoff Milnes, 63, Skegness.


“The service has been fantastic, both the outcome and the service from all the staff. I’m really happy that I chose this practice. Thanks.”

Rebecca Ruscoe, 29, Huddersfield.

“From the word go everybody at The Courtyard have gone out of their way to be so friendly and professional. What a fantastic job. Thank you so much.”

Louise Godfrey, 57, Oldham.


“The surgery and staff were excellent, I am very pleased with the results. BRILLIANT!”

Jeff Wilson, 64, Huddersfield.


“For the first time for a very long time not to have any type of pain in my mouth or face is a fantastic feeling”

Ian Rodgers, 41, Oldham.


“I was absolutely terrified at the start of the dental work I have had but Marcos and his staff made it so much easier for me. The outcome is absolutely fantastic. Thank you so much to you all.”

Gina Brown, 48, Huddersfield.


“All the staff have been wonderful, always friendly and helpful. I arrived with an awful smile, and left with a perfect smile.”

Carolyn Carmody, 41, Huddersfield


“Excellent work, more than happy with the result!”

Duncan McCaskill, 32, Huddersfield.


“Excellent service from day one. All staff made you feel important and put you at ease”

Mark Lyness, 42, Huddersfield.


“Wow! Marcos and Sarah and the team have been amazing. All expectations exceeded, professional friendly service during every visit!”

Matt Longden, 38, Halifax.


“Can’t recommend the practice enough. Fantastic service, excellent treatment from start to finish, and I’ve got my smile back!!.”

Erica Ward, 45, Huddersfield.


“I am over the moon with my new crowns. The treatment was never traumatic, Marcos and the girls make you feel so relaxed. Thanks so much to you all.”

Ruth Williams, 47, Huddersfield.