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Courtyard Creative Digital Veneers

Posted on 24th July 2015 by admin

We are delighted to reveal the brand for ‘Courtyard Creative’, our new in-house veneer laboratory.

Courtyard Creative Digital Veneers Huddersfield

Here at The Courtyard over 1,000 veneers are fitted every year. Having worked closely with the best veneer laboratories in the UK, we learnt the techniques and embraced the technology so that we are able to be comprehensively involved in the digital veneer design process producing natural, beautiful veneers here at The Courtyard.

We use 3D scanning technology for greater accuracy and removing the need to take messy impressions. Every veneer is hand finished and inspected by Practice Owner and cosmetic dentist Marcos White.Digital Veneers 3D Huddersfield

Veneers have the power to change a person’s outlook on life. Sounds far fetched, but we have seen it time and again. We understand, not only how important improving a smile is, but that each patient is unique and different, and so should their smile be.

Courtyard Creative Veneers

To find out more about our Courtyard Creative and veneers at The Courtyard follow this link:
Cerec Machine Courtyard Creative
Courtyard Creative Digital Veneers Huddersfield Inverted