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A perfect smile for the perfect day with Invisalign

Posted on 17th July 2017 by Marcos White

Your wedding day is something you want to remember forever; the dress has to be right, the decorations spot on, and you want to feel confident in yourself when all eyes are on you. One of the most popular treatments we offer at The Courtyard for brides-to-be is Invisalign, a clear, discreet alternative to braces which can change the appearance of your smile.

Smiling is a crucial part of the big day, with photos, greeting the family, and during the ceremony itself – and brides themselves agree. Invisalign conducted an independent online survey of recently married women, which found a staggering 92% agreed that a smile is the most important accessory a bride can show on her wedding day, while 36% would want to photoshop their teeth in their wedding photos.

With wedding season already underway, we’ll look at the different options with Invisalign treatments, and how to determine if they’re right to help get your teeth looking how you want them.


What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a form of clear orthodontic aligners, or braces that are used to help straighten, fix or amend teeth. They are created using advanced 3D computer image technology which allows patients to see the entire journey of their transformation, from a snapshot of their teeth in the introductory process, to the final outcome of their teeth before undertaking the treatment.

If a patient wishes to go ahead, your dentist will create custom-made aligners for your teeth to help move them into place. Aligners are generally worn for a seven-day period before being replaced by a new set to help with the transformation process. The number of aligners required will depend on which treatment option is required for your desired result, which we will cover below.

The different options with Invisalign3

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Invisalign i7

Invisalign i7 is designed for patients who have minor orthodontic issues with teeth straightness. The treatment provides seven clear aligners, which are used to deal with teeth spacing changes, minor crowding, or orthodontic relapse. It is the quickest form of treatment we offer in our practice, with a typical case taking three months to complete.

Invisalign Lite

Invisalign Lite is recommended for patients with minor orthodontic issues, such as small gaps between teeth, poor alignment between upper and lower teeth, or slight overcrowding. In our experience, we usually provide 14 clear aligners to treat moderate cases of crowding and spacing, and a typical case will take over six months to complete. Invisalign Lite is our most popular form of treatment, with 66% of our Invisalign cases treated this way.

Invisalign Complete

Invisalign Complete provides an unlimited number of clear aligners to treat complex cases of crowding, spacing, and uneven smiles. A typical case will take two years to complete.

General Advice

As the aligners are worn for a week, the first few days of the new aligners may give a pressure sensation on your teeth and you might experience some mild discomfort during the transition – this is natural. Invisalign braces are removable, though our recommendation is to wear them throughout the day and in the evenings, apart from removing them to eat and brush or floss your teeth.

All treatments are individual and your plan will be tailored based on what your dentist identifies during your consultation. Finally, Invisalign isn’t recommended for every bride-to-be, depending on individual cases you may require dental implants or veneers which we have discussed in a previous article. Our advice would be to book a free consultation to determine the best solution for you.

The rise of Invisalign for weddings


Weddings are a huge life event, so it’s understandable that people want to look their best on their big day, and teeth are an important part of that. According to National Smile Month, our teeth and smiles are rated as the second-most attractive feature by men and women, so it’s easy to see why dental treatment has proven so popular among those with upcoming nuptials.

Technology has also changed how we approach weddings. Going back to the Invisalign survey of brides, 40% say the first wedding photo they post will be a selfie which, being a close-up, can make people pay attention to their looks more.’s survey of UK weddings last year also found that 18% used a wedding hashtag and 62% update their relationship status on Facebook to ‘married’ within 24 hours of their ceremony. With lots of social media updates and photos being taken, wedding ceremonies are more visible to a wider reach of people than before, so looking good and having a great smile is arguably more important to a lot of people than it was 10 years ago.

It’s not just technology that may have influenced the rise of teeth treatment for weddings – celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Kate Middleton and Katy Perry are just some of the stars to have used Invisalign to help adjust their teeth. Even younger kids may be aware of the treatment, as famous YouTube star Alfie Deyes, boyfriend of Zoella, featured his Invisalign appointment as the main topic for one of his vlogging videos.

Courtyard Blog Images Invisalign Wedding

(Image Source: The Daily Mail)

What is it like for those who used the treatment in time for their big day? Bride-to-be Nicola Hall wanted to change her teeth in time for her wedding, and told You and Your Wedding Magazine how she came across Invisalign, and the difference it made.

“I’ve always shied away from the camera so it was quite an odd experience to feel so confident and beautiful. Looking back at the photographs, I’m so glad I had my teeth straightened. I’m proud to show off my wedding pictures – we had them framed and they’re displayed in our new home for everyone to see.”

With research revealing 45% of UK adults are unhappy with the appearance of their teeth, having a discreet option which doesn’t let people know they are undergoing dental treatment might be a great solution for brides wanting to have that perfect picture on their wedding day.

Having completed over 612 cases in the last nine years, we know how Invisalign can help patients wanting to adjust their smile, whether it’s for their wedding day or not. Our own patients have talked about the positive experience they’ve had with Invisalign, like Candice Syron.

She said: “Invisalign was the perfect option for me. Discreet, almost invisible, not a single person knew I was undergoing a smile transformation. The treatment was virtually pain-free, except maybe a dull ache after changing an aligner. I am more than delighted with the results, and I now have a perfect smile.”

We can help


The Courtyard is officially Yorkshire’s most experienced Invisalign dentist, and we have completed over 612 cases in the last nine years. If you’re thinking of going ahead with Invisalign, the best bet is to contact our team online, or by calling 01484 432 855, to arrange a free consultation to discuss what’s best suited for you, as well as our affordable payment plans.

We also offer other treatments that can help your smile if you’d prefer a different treatment to Invisalign, such as veneers or implants.