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Building something permanent

I had a business that I didn’t believe in. A way of doing dentistry that I felt could be done better. So I tore it down and started again.

I built a building that I would want to spend time in, that felt like a home. I built a team that cared about people, that wanted to do things better.

And I built a base of patients one by one.

The way I cared for them and for their smile encouraged them to tell someone else a little secret about a hidden courtyard where you could have your dentistry done by someone who cared and someone you trusted.

I’ve tried to create an environment where people feel proud to be themselves. When I arrive at work in the morning, walk through the lounge and consider how hard we worked to create that environment, I feel proud.

It’s about loyalty. About trust. And about permanency.

We are a membership only practice. This means that our patients pay monthly in advance for checkups, hygiene visits and ongoing care. You can’t just turn up and buy a checkup. Or turn up and buy a filling. That’s not how to provide good dentistry. Good dentistry is about regularity. It’s about knowing someone’s history, their anxieties, their experiences.

You can’t buy that and you can’t rush that. You can only hope to provide it by saying to someone, “Here is what we offer because we have seen it proven to be the best”. By saying, “I am the practice owner and I carry out the checkups on every single one of my patients. And I’m not going anywhere.”

What does it mean to me? It’s my passion, it’s my dream and it’s what drives me.

It’s more than just a job.
It’s about creation.

Creating a smile. Creating trust. Creating a building where people feel safe. Creating new ways of caring for people better.

Everything you see at our practice has been carved from nothing. Everything has been carefully considered. Everything has had my input.
But yet everything has been moulded by the experiences of the people who walk through its doors.
My team. Our patients. The story of how we all got to where we are in life.
But most of all my practice is about the people we treat.

I want to create an environment where my patients feel that they have ownership in my practice, that they are part of that building and that they have my expertise at their fingertips.

That they have a place to take their family to for their care for the next 30 years. And after that who knows, maybe one of my sons will take my place.

That’s loyalty. That’s trust. And that is permanency.

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